TAGLaw International Conference

24 Apr, 2012

TAGLaw, one of the world’s leading law firm alliances, will conduct its 27th international conference between May 7th and May 9th at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. Justice Charles Breyer, a U.S. District Court Justice for the Northern District of California, will welcome the TAGLaw members from around the world and deliver a talk on developing trends in international arbitration.


In addition to hearing from Justice Breyer, TAGLaw members will discuss a number of important topics related to international law.  One of the most controversial at this conference addresses a change in the British legal system that now allows outside investors to fund law firms.  “We expect a lively debate on this topic,” said Bob Sattin, TAGLaws president, “A dramatic increase in funding for British firms could make them strong competitors against firms that cannot take equity funding, yet many countries have not allowed outside investment in law for fear of a conflict of interest between those outside investors and the firms’ clients.” Carole Silver, a leading scholar in international law from Indiana University Maurer School of Law will moderate the debate. 


TAGLaw will also offer several sessions on firm management and opportunities for specialists in various aspects of the law to exchange ideas and information.  The conference will conclude with a gala event at City Hall for all of the attendees. 


TAGLaw, founded in 1998, is a worldwide alliance of high-quality, independent law firms. The alliance today ranks among the five largest legal alliances in the world.  Through TAGLaw, businesses receive the benefit of local knowledge and strong, coordinated representation throughout the world.


TAGLaw members are highly-respected, value-driven law firms with local market knowledge and expertise. Members are carefully chosen based on their reputation and record and on recommendations from existing members. Members undergo a rigorous screening process prior to invitation to the alliance, and are ultimately reviewed and approved by the TAGLaw Advisory Board.


For more information visit www.TAGLaw.com.  

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