10 Feb, 2012

New Corp employees are being investigated by authorities in the US amid claims of breaches of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).


The investigations, including a criminal inquiry by the FBI, are looking into whether the law which aims to prevent bribes being paid to foreign officials has been violated by employees of Rupert Murdoch’s New York-headquartered media company, according to Reuters.


News Corp could face charges of up to $2 million if found guilty of a breach of the FCPA, as well as being banned from undertaking contracts from the government. For the individuals involved, a guilty verdict would bring with it fines of up to $100,000 and possible five year custodial sentences.


News Corp handed police the majority of the evidence being examined, and has hired large teams of lawyers in the UK and the US, as well as having created a ‘clean-up’ unit in London, Reuters reports.


Pictured: Rupert Murdoch

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