02 Feb, 2012


The European Union is set to investigate Samsung over alleged breaches of antitrust regulations.


The technology giant is under suspicion of breaking the rules by refusing to provide its competitors fairly priced access to its technology and whether this had a notable effect on the market by withholding ‘standard essential patent rights’, according to the Financial Times (FT).


The investigation is being led by the European Commission and is said to have come from Samsung’s lawsuits against rival companies such as Apple, lawsuits that dominated much of the world’s IP legal news last year.


Central to the investigation are worries about the amount of control Samsung has over aspects of technology that are deemed necessary for a company of this type to develop.


According to the FT, the Commission said: “This [fair licensing] commitment serves to ensure effective access to the standardised technology.”


It added: “In order to guarantee undistorted competition and to reap the positive economic effects of standardisation it is important that [fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory] commitments be fully honoured by the concerned undertakings.”

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