23 Jan, 2012

Legal professionals are most likely to get into the office earlier and spend more time on the phone than all other office workers, according to a new study commissioned by Mars Drinks UK.


An unofficial ‘office census’ has created a detailed breakdown of a day in the working life of British office workers, right down to the number of emails they send and receive, how many cups of tea or coffee they drink, and how much they spend on their daily commute.


Researchers for Mars Drinks UK quizzed 2001 male and female office workers across Britain in order to draw up the detailed study, including employees in legal, finance, creative, marketing, HR, and IT sectors.


The survey found that an average employee in the legal profession arrives at work at 7.37am compared to the average office worker who arrives at their desk at 8.09am.


And there is more good news for legal bosses, as five out of ten legal workers told researchers they were happy in their job, and only three per cent insisted they hated where they worked.


Jenni Morgan, Trade Marketing Manager for Mars Drinks UK, who commissioned the study, said: “Our office census provides a fascinating detailed insight into the working day of a legal office worker, and it is a welcome relief to learn that the majority of employees are happy in their jobs. Our results also show that we are working longer hours than ever before but this has not dented our enjoyment of the job.”



The daily commute begins at 7.06am and lasts on average for 31 minutes and 52 seconds. The majority (28.37%) drive to work but just over a fifth enjoy cycling to the office. The first conversation with a colleague happens at 7.44am, just seven minutes after arriving at work, and the first cup of tea or coffee is consumed just one minute later at 7.45am.


Lunch begins at 12.31pm and lasts for 27 minutes and 43 seconds, but over a third (36.88%) eat lunch at their desk, with just 13 per cent ever venturing outside to get some fresh air while they digest.  For those who buy lunch, it costs an average of £3.45.


Throughout the day, legal workers receive 32 emails and send 30, and drink an average of almost three cups of tea or coffee. Legal professionals also make and receive the most phone calls. On average, 27 phone calls are made a day compared to the average of 20, while 27 phone calls are also received compared to the average of 22.


The research also discovered that a total of nine minutes and 15 seconds of office time daily is used up looking at Facebook and Twitter, compared to the national average of eight minutes, while seven minutes and 41 seconds is spent checking personal emails, 39 seconds more than the national average.


IT issues are the biggest office irritant, including computers and printers inexplicably crashing, followed by colleagues who gossip when they should be working.


And according to the new research, commissioned by Mars Drinks UK, a fifth of legal workers get most annoyed when the air conditioning is too cold, and almost one in 10 see red when the office coffee machine is on the blink or when colleagues refuse to take their turn making hot drinks.


The commute home begins at 5.15pm and takes an average of 37 minutes and 53 seconds and costs £4.61 daily. Legal workers told researchers they had been in their current position for an average of six years and seven months, compared to the national average of six years and nine months.



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