04 Jan, 2012

In the latest development of the Chevron Amazon pollution case, an appeals court in Ecuador has upheld the ruling that Chevron is liable to pay $18.2bn in damages – a decision that the company has branded as a ‘fraud’ and ‘illegitimate’.


The case relates to the accusation that Texaco, which merged with Chevron over ten years ago, disposed of 18bn gallons of toxic materials between 1972 and 1992 in the Ecuadorean Amazon.


Originally, Chevron was ordered to pay only $8.6bn in damages, but this amount grew to more than double when it failed to declare a public apology.


According to Reuters, a court in the Amazonian city of Lago Agrio said in its ruling:”We ratify the ruling of February 14 2011 in all its parts, including the sentence for moral reparation.”


In response, Chevron released a statement saying that the decision was ‘a glaring example of the politicization and corruption of Ecuador’s judiciary’. It has also vowed to continue in its efforts to seek recourse through proceedings somewhere external to Ecuador.

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