03 Jan, 2012

New research – 2011: The year that LinkedIn was firmly embraced by UK law firms


New research from Public Relations advisors, Kelso Consulting, shows 2011 really was the year of LinkedIn for law firms in Britain. Its annual review of LinkedIn use in the professions found that almost half the people at the typical top 50 law firm now have LinkedIn accounts – a near-doubling since 2010.


Kelso Consulting’s recent research found that of the 85,000 or so partners and employees in the top 50 law firms, over 40,000 now have LinkedIn accounts (47 per cent). The number of people following top 50 law firms on LinkedIn in 2011 has doubled from last year to nearly 50,000.


While the business media’s attention has been on Twitter, LinkedIn has grown steadily amongst the legal profession.


Tim Prizeman (pictured), owner of Kelso Consulting, said: “LinkedIn was embraced by Britain’s legal profession in 2011 and now ranks with such mainstream applications as Google and Microsoft in terms of its adoption by Britain’s lawyers.


“It is a reflection on the poor state of the economy that LinkedIn’s use has increased so dramatically over just 12 months. LinkedIn is all about staying in contact with past and present colleagues and clients, so using it is a logical step in our austere economy. There has been a similar rush to open accounts by Britain’s accountants too.


“While many legal firms have high levels of LinkedIn use, there are also many firms that still lag and have few users. They should think seriously about this. Many business owners as well as senior executives have LinkedIn accounts too and regularly use other social media. Many will not be impressed by lawyers with Luddite attitudes towards technology who then claim to be providing leading-edge legal advice, nor will high-flying graduates.


“It is tempting for marketing teams at law firms to over-focus on Twitter as it receives much more widespread coverage. However, it is LinkedIn that executives and their clients are much more likely to be using.”


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