02 Nov, 2011

‘Most likely to bribe’ – Russia and China

Research has shown that Russia and China are the worst offenders for bribery when conducting business abroad, according to the BBC.

The survey carried out by Transparency International (TI), a anti-corruption group, showed that out of 28 countries, China and Russia came bottom on the league, whilst at the top sits the Netherlands and Switzerland jointly, with the UK ranking at number eight and the US at number ten.

According to the BBC, the report said: “It is of particular concern that China and Russia are at the bottom of the index.

“Given the increasing global presence of businesses from the countries, bribery and corruption are likely to have a substantial impact on societies in which they operate and on the ability of companies to compete fairly in these markets.”

The report also pressed the need for a clamp down on bribery by increasing international action to ban companies from committing bribery in foreign countries.

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