01 Nov, 2011

Bar Council Chairman-elect calls for further modernisation of civil litigation


Michael Todd QC (pictured), the Chairman-Elect of the Bar Council, which represents barristers in  England and Wales, has called for further modernisation of civil litigation. Speaking at the International Bar Association’s Annual Conference in Dubai, on ‘advocacy in commercial litigation’, he said the time has come to find ways for the more efficient delivery of dispute resolution services.


Michael Todd QC, Chairman-Elect of the Bar Council, said: “The consistent message I hear from business leaders is that when they conduct litigation, mediation or arbitration, their core requirements are quality, cost-effectiveness and speed. We consistently strive to meet those requirements, but there is more that can be done.


“For some time, the Bar has been adapting in order to improve and enhance the speed and efficiency of civil disputes.


“The Bar Council’s commitment to Unlocking Disputes, which showcases the UK’s dispute resolution services, needs to be reinforced by adapting the mechanisms by which clients can achieve their objectives in a fair, transparent and efficient manner.


“I am committed to ensuring that the Bar works closely with the judiciary and other legal professionals to examine this issue more closely and I will be establishing a working group early in the New Year to draw up proposals for further modernisation.”

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