25 Nov, 2011

Just a few months after the widely publicised UK Bribery Act came into force, it has claimed its first conviction – a court clerk.


Munir Yakub Patel, 22, was found guilty of accepting bribes during his employment at Redbridge Magistrates’ Court, London, in August and was convicted under the Act – the first such conviction since the legislation was implemented.


It was reported that Patel, from Dagenham, accepted a sum of £500 to avoid including details of a traffic summons on a court database. However, the prosecution are of the belief that he also earned a minimum £20,000 by assisting 53 offenders.


He was caught after The Sun newspaper filmed him arranging the bribe with Jayraj Singh, who reportedly was told by Patel in a message, ‘I only do this for Asian bruvs. I do this all day long’.

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