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11 Oct, 2011

This month (October 2011) sees the long-debated and well-publicised, and, some may say, controversial, implementation of the Legal Services Act (LSA). The Act seeks to liberalise and regulate the legal services market for legal services in England and Wales, and aims to encourage competition and create more consumer-focused legal firms, amongst other points. The main feature that has attracted the most publicity is perhaps the fact that under the Act external parties – such as retailers – may offer legal services, hence the act being dubbed ‘Tesco Law’.

The LSA has had mixed reactions from the markets that it will affect. Some see it as a positive move that will benefit the well-being of justice, whereas others see it as another hurdle for firms that are already struggling in the aftermath of the economic crisis.

In the month of the Act’s implementation, and in order to gain a clearer understanding of the mood of the legal world with regard to the Act’s key points and it’s expected effects, Lawyer Monthly speaks to Mark Robson, a supporter of Leeds Legal* and partner at global legal practice, Squire Sanders Hammonds, about his opinions and thoughts on the LSA.

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