26 Oct, 2011

Leaked government report says it should be easier to sack lazy workers

According to a leaked government report, unfair dismissal claims should be banned in a bid to make it easier for employers to sack lazy workers.

The report which was commissioned by David Cameron, says that unproductive staff should no longer have the right to claim for unfair dismissal in the event of losing their job due to not doing their job properly. It claims that a move such as this would significantly help boost economic growth by enabling more capable and productive workers to replace the dismissed ones.

Under current rules, employees who have been dismissed in what they see as unfair circumstances can make a claim, as long as they have worker for the employer in question for at least one year.

However, Downing Street has commented that such changes are ‘unlikely’.

There have been mixed reactions to the reports proposals, with some welcoming the idea as a way to stop ‘bad workers’ affecting ‘good workers’ around them. However, others see it a dangerous move, which may open the doors for irresponsible employers to sack whoever they want, adding to insecurity within the jobs market.

According to the BBC, Lib Dem Norman Lamb, Nick Clegg’s chief of staff, said it would be ‘madness’ to implement the  proposals, adding : “If every employee in the land faced the prospect that they could be removed arbitrarily, the destabilising effect could be devastating.”

The report was written by was written by venture capitalist and Conservative Party donor, Adrian Beecroft.

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