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12 Oct, 2011


Top Human Rights Lawyers Join Middlesex


Legal trio help complete pioneering human rights law department


Internationally respected human rights advocate Professor William Schabas has joined Middlesex University, bringing his wealth of expertise to the University’s law department. 


The author and academic, whose expertise in human rights law, genocide and the death penalty has seen him practice law in international courts including the European Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice was awarded the Order of Canada in 2006. He joins Middlesex’s Law Department as Professor of International Law from his role as Director of the Irish Centre of Human Rights, in Galway Ireland. 


His new students at Middlesex will be able to tap into a rich vein of experience that includes membership of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Sierra Leone, significant experience and engagement with international criminal law and issues concerning global human rights abuses, and involvement with bodies such as the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and the United States Supreme Court. Students will benefit first hand from a published portfolio that consists of nearly thirty books and more than three hundred articles in international law.


Building on the University’s strong human rights expertise, Professor Schabas has been joined by Professor Patricia Drummond Farrall, who has taken a role as a Visiting Professor.


Professor Drummond Farrall, a member of the judiciary until 2009, is well suited to impart her knowledge to law students having previously trained legal colleagues in the application of the Human Rights Act and in Refugee and Immigration Law, trained pupils and barristers in advocacy, and developed and delivered legal training to immigration adjudicators from the South African Refugee Appeals Board.


The law department’s appointments are completed by Ziauddin Sardar, a well-known writer, broadcaster and cultural critic, who has joined the University as an Associate Professor.  Prof. Sardar’s career includes work across a number of disciplines ranging from Islamic studies to science policy. 


He has also served as a Commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, is a regular contributor to the New Statesman and the Guardian and has published more than 45 books. His media work also includes TV work with the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky news. His primary role at Middlesex is to organise a series of high profile debates on pressing socio-legal issues such as immigration, the role of religion in society and questions concerning humanitarian intervention in conflicts abroad.  


Head of Law at Middlesex University, Prof Joshua Castellino, said: “We are delighted to have attracted individuals of such significant achievement to Middlesex University. In their careers each of these individuals has already had a major impact on their field of work. Our goal is to have them build relations with our students, to inspire them with their achievements, and to share the wisdom of the knowledge that they have acquired with so much care and attention over their careers to date. They constitute important additions to a team of committed professionals who are determined to equip the next generation of law students with a wide range of legal skills, while contributing as public intellectuals to the multifaceted challenges faced by our society.”


Professor William Schabas said: “The importance of human rights law continues to grow at all levels of academic work, from undergraduate teaching to senior research. Middlesex provides a dynamic environment in one of the world’s greatest cities. We will aspire to make the University a beacon for scholarship in the area of international human rights law and, more generally, in international law. On a personal level, I plan to develop and expand projects I have been working on throughout my academic career, as well as to tackle some new ones that have yet to get started.”


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