15 Aug, 2011

A campaign calling for the legalisation of online poker is being led by the Chief Executive of Caesars Entertainment, one of the biggest casino groups in the world.

Gary Loveman, who heads the company that owns several Las-Vegas casinos including Caesar’s Palace, the Paris and the Rio, told the Financial Times that there was a ‘will’ in the US Congress to amend the current legislation which allows US-based gamers to play, but does not allow US companies to operate the games.

Mr Loveman said: “I can’t think of another example where there is something an American can buy that no American entity can provide”.

He also said that if the rules were changed, it would open up an opportunity to create ‘thousands of American jobs’.

He also said: “I do believe there is a will in Congress to correct this …. we ought to clean up the regulatory and policing environment and that’s what we’re seeking,” according to the Financial Times.

Others supporters of the change include Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, and Barney Frank, the former chairman of the House Financial Services committee.


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