18 Aug, 2011

Pinsent Masons boosts client service with market intelligence from QuestBack feedback management tools

“Understanding the markets your clients operate in is a crucial prerequisite for any law firm, but regular research into each sector is surprisingly overlooked by many in the legal field.  With QuestBack, our firm can quickly produce intelligence reports on the range of sectors we operate in and feed the information directly into our business plans which ultimately helps us to provide the best level of service to our clients, and target potential new clients” commented Alex Pope, research manager at Pinsent Masons.


Headquartered in the UK, Pinsent Masons is a leading international law firm. Ranked in the top 15 law firms in the UK, Pinsent Masons has an annual turnover of over £212 million.


As a full-service, commercial law firm, Pinsent Masons has a strong, well-established client base operating across a variety of sectors. With its use of QuestBack’s online research service, the law firm has gained invaluable intelligence to support its business and employee development and enable a better understanding of its markets, clients and their sectors.



Providing thought leadership and market understanding to its valued client portfolio is a key strategic focus and differentiator for Pinsent Masons.  With clients operating in many differing industry sectors it is vital for the international law firm to clearly understand its clients’ markets so as to be able offer commercial, practical legal advice. 

Pinsent Masons decided to implement QuestBack’s online feedback management software to broaden the scope of its in-house survey capabilities and enable it to quickly and easily survey its clients on relevant issues.


Alex Pope, research manager of Pinsent Masons (UK) commented, “We can now rely on QuestBack’s online research tool to assist the research team in producing thought leadership reports on key trends in different sectors and providing partners and practitioners with client satisfaction reports.  We had only previously used ad-hoc surveys for the purpose of post-event feedback, but QuestBack’s feedback tool has helped us to significantly transform the way we use research to support business development and client service.”


“We found QuestBack’s intuitive and flexible tools really suit our needs and enable us to efficiently monitor client satisfaction responses and support business growth and initiatives.”


With over 150 surveys client surveys completed to date, Pinsent Masons is actively engaging with its clients to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction.


The client satisfaction surveys focus on gaining insight into the firm’s performance, whether the client would recommend them and gives clients the opportunity to provide any additional qualitative comments on its services.


Alex Pope continues, “Prior to the introduction of QuestBack’s service, our feedback process was less advanced due to the limitations of the previous software provider. We have notably increased the response-rate from all our outreach campaigns.  Surveys are now quick to set up and can be tailored easily to include the company branding which has proven invaluable for maintaining our brand image when surveying our clients.”


Pinsent Masons has additionally seen the financial benefits from the new QuestBack system.  The survey tool has no limitations on the number or survey length, which has seen an immediate, greater return on investment (ROI).  From an operational and business growth perspective, clients are naturally more satisfied and confident in the company’s service resulting from its responsiveness to survey feedback.


With over 1,700 employees worldwide, Pinsent Masons required a more efficient way of measuring its staff satisfaction levels, gathering insight from its clients and sourcing constructive feedback both externally and internally.


Previous staff surveys had been a laborious challenge but the QuestBack online research tool has enabled the establishment of multiple easy-to-use online surveys to gain feedback from employees on a wide range of topics. The availability of analysis and reporting tools within Questback also allows for quick interpretation of results.


Alex Pope said, “We have used QuestBack to support specific initiatives of our senior partners, the results of which have been directly fed into the firm’s future business plans. Our HR department regularly uses QuestBack to set up online surveys, analyse the results, and then use the information to produce reports and help improve staff satisfaction levels.”


“The feedback process has seen a dramatic increase in the response-rate from both clients and staff, as a result of the flexible and intuitive interface of the QuestBack software.”


Pinsent Masons plans to continue using QuestBack to perform more in-depth, external thought leadership research, and increase the regularity of its client and staff feedback programmes.

Alex Pope commented, “Responses and the overall process have been so positive in our development as a business, that we plan to continue expanding the use of QuestBack surveys to maintain our strong and growing market presence.”



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