13 Jul, 2011

The legal head of News International, Tom Crone, has left the company, according to the Associated Press.

It comes during a time that the news group, owner of recently axed tabloid, News of the World (NoW), faces accusations that its journalists paid private investigators to hack into the phones of crime victims.

Having been with News International for 26 years, Tom Crone was group manager for all News International legal, with titles such as The Sun, The Times and Sunday Times falling under his remit, as well as NoW.

Crone was summoned to a parliamentary select committee in 2009 to be questioned about the initial allegations of hacking, where he told MPs: “I tasked myself with finding out what exactly had happened; what was known, who knew what other documents there might be.

“At no stage during their investigation or our investigation did any evidence arise that the problem of accessing by our reporters, or complicity of accessing by our reporters, went beyond the Goodman/Mulcaire situation.”

News International are offering ‘no official line yet’ on his leaving.

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