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15 Jun, 2011

Work is underway on farmland in Cornwall for what promises to be the UK’s first large-scale commercial solar farm. The 5MW project, comprising of almost 22,000 solar panels, will be arranged across 19 hectares of land at Trefullock near Summercourt and it will generate enough clean, renewable energy for 4,500 people.

Murrell Ashworth, South West specialists in corporate and renewable energy law, have been working with the German developers and the current owners in a race to get this scheme up and running before the government’s reduction of the Feed in Tariff for large-scale solar projects, planned for 1st August this year.

The project was developed by German renewable energy specialists Kronos Solar and HEP Capital and Murrell Ashworth has been involved from its inception, up to the present day and into the construction phase.

“Kronos originally instructed Murrell Ashworth due to our expertise and commitment to renewable energy work,” said Jenny Harbord who acted on all property related aspects of this project. “It’s been very exciting to be working on the first large commercial solar farm in Britain and we’re confident that the solar farm at Trefullock will be commissioned before the government’s proposed cut-off date.”

Following successful contract negotiations an agreement was reached with Bosch to build this key solar power plant about 10 kilometres south east of Newquay – an area which, according to its owners, has a radiation intensity similar to that of southern Germany.

Work began at the end of May and will be completed in late July with the 21, 272 photovoltaic solar modules secured by a Bosch alarm system.

Thorsten Eitle, Managing Director of HEP Capital GmbH, commented, “We are very happy and also proud to have won a prestigious Bosch partner for our joint project.”

The government’s fast-tracked review of the Feed in Tariff reduced the incentives for large-scale solar farms to preserve the bulk of available FiTs funding for smaller household solar installations.

Many experts in the renewable sector, however, feel large-scale solar installations have far more impact on green energy targets and should be encouraged.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has confirmed that large projects like Trefullock Moor which are commissioned and accredited by Ofgem before August 1 will be eligible for the existing FiT rate and can collect it for 25 years.

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