17 Jun, 2011

ICICI bank has successfully secured a Trademark registration for its corporate jingle.

The Trademark Registry in India granted registration to ICICI Bank Ltd. for its sound mark by registering the very notes that form the jingle. The application for the sound mark was filed by leading Indian IP law firm, Anand And Anand, at the Delhi Trademarks Registry. The first sound mark to be granted registration by the Trademark Registry was the Yahoo! Yoodle, which was also prosecuted through Anand And Anand.

Sound marks are non- conventional trademarks. Traditionally, words, signatures, names, devices, labels, numerals, acronyms and logos are given trademark status. In the case of sound marks, a certain sound is associated with a company or products or services-much like the four –note bell sound that has graced ads for biscuit maker Britannia Industries Ltd for many years. The most famous example among sound marks is the roar of the MGM Studios lion  the cat itself changed over time, but the sound remained the same).

The act provides for registration of only those marks that are capable for being represented graphically. A sound mark is capable for being represented graphically in the form of musical notes with or without notes. The graphic representation of a sound mark must be certain, easily viewable and precise so that that sound can easily be determined and not by a simple description of the sound.

Safir Anand of Anand And Anand believes that there are many distinctive corporate anthems/jingles that ought to be protected. “As we are moving from longer brands to shorter ones, non –traditional marks like colour and sound will soon become the complete identity of a brand,” Safir said.

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