UK Privacy Law

23 May, 2011

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron recently commented that super injunctions are becoming “unsustainable”. Speaking on UK breakfast television Mr Cameron called for an urgent review of the current privacy laws. His comments were prompted by the recent speculation on various social media platforms (notably Twitter) which named a premiership footballer involved in an illicit affair with a former beauty queen, despite a gagging order being in place. It appears that Mr Cameron is in agreement with much of the legal fraternity saying that the law should come under review in order to “catch up with how people consume media today”. This situation remains fluid as the gagging order which sparked the social media leaks is about to be challenged by the UK’s largest daily newspaper, The Sun. It seems absurd that the traditional media is prevented from reporting the story whilst a simple click of a mouse will reveal the footballer in question. The current legal framework certainly needs a ‘health check’. Is a new Privacy Law on the way?

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