Vodafone Global Enterprise Head of Finance on FSA Regulation Change

01 Apr, 2011

As most in the financial sector will probably be aware by now, the FSA is implementing a major legislative change in regard to voice recording law. Since March 2009 it has been required that all ‘relevant communications’ within the UK finance and business sectors are recorded and stored for six months. The ‘relevant communications’ referred to voice conversations, text messages, emails and instant messages. However, only voice conversations undertaken on fixed phone lines are liable, those taken on mobile phones are not – for now. Following a lengthy consultation by the FSA, this exemption is now due to be lifted, and as of November 14 2011 all business-related communications on mobile phones must be recorded, and Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) is helping companies to make sure they have the technology and means to get compliant.

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