The EU intends to beef up data protection

17 Mar, 2011

The EU justice commissioner, Viviane Reding sent out a strong message to social networking sites such as Facebook saying that “A US-based social network company that has millions of active users in Europe needs to comply with EU rules.” This tougher stance is likely to come off the back of news last year when Facebook changed its privacy settings. The new legislation is likely to make third party use of data far more transparent and simplify the process opting out and deleting data.

Matthew Newman, a spokesman for Viviane Reding said that the new legislation would make the EU the first jurisdiction to deliver a “right to be forgotten”. Surely this news will be welcomed by all those who have had compromising pictures posted on Facebook only to find that a prospective employer has ‘googled’ their name.

In response Facebook says that it continues to be engaged in the debate around data protection.

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