"A false description of the Swedish legal system"

08 Feb, 2011

A totally false image of the Swedish legal system is spread in international media. This says Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt today.

Since Julian Assange came under police investigation for rape in Sweden, several international debaters have questioned the Swedish legal system. In the most extreme conspiracy theories the accusations have been mentioned that it is controlled by CIA.

Prime Minister Reinfeldt says to the newspaper Expressen that the right for women to start a legal process when they claim they have been victims of abuse is at stake. He says that Sweden has reached far when it comes to not accepting any kind of sexual abuse and those who attack the Swedish legal system is trying to limit the right for women to take a claimed sexual abuse to court.

Reinfeldt also comments in Expressen on Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens’ claims that Assange risk not getting a fair trial if he is sent to Sweden.

– This (the false information on the Swedish legal system) is unfortunately the consequences when, in order to defend a client, one describe other countries legal systems in a patronizing way. But everyone who lives in Sweden know this is not true. The Swedish legal system is independent and work in accordance with the law.

Claes Borgström, the former Equality Ombudsman and legal representative of the two women who accuse Assange for sexual abuse, says to Svenska dagbladet (SvD):

– There is a lot of false information about the Swedish legal system, about me and above all about my clients.

Jan Strid, a Swedish media researcher says to SvD that some of the criticism against the Swedish legal system is justified even though it is exaggerated.

– It has been more politicized, with populist laws that doesn’t work he says to SvD.

The American film maker Michael Moore and the Australian journalist John Pilger are two of the people who have criticized the Swedish legal system for being connected to politics.

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