West Midlands, UK police force accused of targeting Muslim Community

13 Dec, 2010

The West Midlands, UK police are being heavily criticised for putting up CCTV in two predominantly Muslim areas, Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook.

Campaigning group Liberty has asked the police to remove the cameras or face serious legal repercussions. Corinna Ferguson, legal officer at Liberty said: “It is baffling that West Midlands Police are still trying to salvage this unlawful and discriminatory scheme. These cameras are useless for everyday policing and must be removed immediately if badly damaged community relations are to be repaired.”

The West Midlands, police force has issued an apology, but is yet to remove the cameras, however, The scheme initially started as a counter-terror intiative, but this backfired when the police were accused of deliberately targeting the Muslim community, especially after it was discovered that some cameras were hidden.

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