Taxpayers shed out for hate preacher

13 Dec, 2010

Abu Hamza has accumulated masses of legal bills at taxpayers’ expense as he appeals against deportation.

Hamza isappealing against the Home Secretary’s decision to strip him of his UK citizenship. Hamza has already cost taxpayer’s

£3.5miliion. He has three barristers defending his right to stay in the UK, during a special three day immigration tribunal. The fee of the three barristers’ comes to approximately £10,000. The Home

secretary Theresa May is being represented by four lawyers, which will add a further £5,000 to the bill. Hamza, originally jailed for soliciting murder in ranting sermons, is held in London’s Belmarsh Prison while he fights deportation to the US. A Taxpayers’ Alliance spokesman said: “He is adding insult to injury.”

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