EU drop legal proceedings against France

13 Dec, 2010

France was facing legal action due to the expulsion of over 8,000 Roma immigrants. However, the EU has decided to drop the case as France has promised to amend its immigration laws. “France has responded positively,” EU justice chief Viviane Reding said in a statement. “The European Commission will now, for the time being, not pursue the infringement procedure against France.”

Ms Reding goes on to describe why France took such drastic measures: “We need to get to the root of the problem and encourage stronger national efforts … in eradicating poverty.” France bulldozed many illegal Roma camps based on the outskirts of main cities, as an attempt to control illegal immigrants entering the country and restore public order.

The EU permits its members to expel citizens of another member, but only if they pose a threat or are a burden to the country in question. Roma face the most severe prejudice than any other ethnic minority and survive by living on the outskirts of cities and are often linked with begging and crime.

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