BP has formally waived its legal right for $75m towards the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

18 Nov, 2010

BP has formally waived its legal right for $75m towards the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

BP had previously promised to cover all ‘legitimate liabilities and clean-up costs, following the accident that resulted in 11 fatalities on 20 April, 2010. In a court filing, the company said: “BP has chosen to waive the statutory limitation on liability under the Oil Pollution Act.” BP has paid millions to the Gulf Coast residents in compensation and is currently facing hundreds of lawsuits due to this incident. They have however denied any ‘gross negligence’ that may have caused the accident. The company urged its partners and the rig’s operator, Transocean, to waive the cap too.

The Unite union is contemplating legal action after hearing about the government’s decision to stop the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB). Unite claims that the government has failed to think of the impact their decision will have on the rural community, which it is obliged to do under the equality impact rules. Furthermore Ministers did not consult the Welsh Assembly on the

legislative changes that will affect the people of Wales.

Ian Waddell, Unite’s national officer for rural and agricultural workers, said: “Since the government’s original announcement of abolition of the AWB in July, there has been no consultation whatsoever with farm workers, or with farmers. The Coalition

Government’s actions and the haste with which they are moving are therefore

legally questionable.

“Opinion is sharply divided over the consequences of abolition and appropriate, adequate consultation is a must in a critical industry which provides food for the UK’s population.” “The Coalition has completely failed to carry out impact assessments or to test the fairness of this measure, steps which were promised for all legislation. This headlong rush to abolish the AWB is reckless folly and Unite will do all in its power to prevent this serious mistake being made.” “We will apply to the courts to get abolition put on hold if the Coalition continues to ignore our calls for consultation. Without the statutory floor of protection which the AWB provides for workers, wages will be slashed and tens of thousands of rural families will be forced into poverty. Where is the fairness in that?”

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